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Why hire a long distance moving company?

If you’re moving somewhere far away, you’ve probably already realised that there’s a huge task ahead. If you’re moving from the United States to the Netherlands, for example. There’s just so much to arrange and perhaps just too little time to do it. Hiring a long distance moving company can lighten the load a bit. Here’s why!

1. Less stress

First and foremost: stress. Moving is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in your life. Long distance moving is even worse. It’s more complicated, more expensive and more unknown. By hiring a moving company, it’s no longer solely your problem. It becomes the problem of your appointed movers. And they’re experts when it comes to moving, so for them it’s not that big of a problem.

Do make sure you let a single moving company take care of everything. That way there’s no miscommunication between different moving companies and they won’t point the finger at each other if something goes wrong.

2. Reliability and know-how

It’s always easier to trust yourself and your family with your household effects. With good intentions they’ll help you out. But does your family consist of professional movers? Probably not. A long distance moving company such as UTS Van Hoek is a family owned moving company. With us, you’ll have the reliability of a family and the know-how of a professional moving company.

3. Transparent costs of a long distance moving company

There are long distance moving companies out there whose costs are not transparent. You hire them to take care of everything and when you have to pay the bill, you’ll see all kinds of service fees and hourly charges that you hadn’t anticipated. However, if you take care of the relocation yourself, the costs are not transparent either. Nevertheless, at UTS Van Hoek we make clear agreements about prices, without strange service fees afterwards.

These are the three most important reasons to hire a long distance moving company to take care of your relocation. But don’t forget the professional packing for transport overseas and support with the documents that are required by customs. Not to mention the possibilities of insurance.

UTS is a well-respected name in the Netherlands. UTS Van Hoek is the moving company that specialises in relocations to the area of Groningen, but we’ll try to help you with moving anywhere you want to go. And we’ll take care of more than just these three things.

Contact us and get moving!