international moving insurance uts van hoek business relocation netherlands groningen

Don’t forget: your international moving insurance

Insurances can be a real pain for every home move or business relocation. Especially with the latter and especially if your company is moving to or from a different country. There are several international moving insurances, but which ones do you have to arrange?

Most people will think of inventory and goods insurance. If only it were that simple. After all, every inventory is different. Not to mention the insurance for transportation…

That’s what makes international moving insurance that much more complicated when you’re arranging a business relocation. Both the costs and the consequences can be far greater. The production has to keep going no matter what may have been damaged while moving. Prevention is better than cure.

Every relocation has its risks. Desks, floors and walls (either location) can be damaged. But what if something that’s irreplaceable gets broken? That endangers your production process!

international moving insurance uts van hoek business relocation netherlands groningen
And what if you drop something on your phone?

Inventory and goods insurance for business relocations

An inventory insurance usually covers damage to your inventory by fire, lightning, burglary, theft and water. Money, jewellery and vehicles are usually not part of the agreement. It is highly recommended that you arrange such an insurance when you’re planning an international move. Furthermore, you should let the insurance company know you’re moving, to make sure the insurance will cover it.

Transportation insurances for an international move

Most inventory and goods insurances only apply inside a certain location, which is why there are separate transportation insurances for business relocations. A good moving company will always make an insurance contract and inform you about it. Therefore, you should always carefully read the insurance policy. You might not even know you’re moving without being insured.

International moving insurance and UTS Van Hoek

As an expert moving company we always make the necessary insurance contracts. For instance, we use transportation liability insurance up to €50.000 per load. However, there are a few requirements: there’s a maximum load. Additional insurance may be needed. Luckily, that doesn’t happen all that often, only when moving server rooms or heavy machinery. We also have liability insurance of €2,5 million per event. Better safe than sorry.

International moving insurance is part of every international move. But it also adds to the complexity. It takes certain skills to deal with everything. Get a head start by contacting us!